The One Reason Your Blood Sugar Level Will Never Ever Go Down And Why It Is Very Necessary You Immediately Stop Eating Plantain!

Dear Friend,

What do you truly desire as a diabetic?

Just take 10 seconds and think about it (be honest with yourself for once)

Is this your answer?

To end the excruciating morning ritual of piercing your skin for blood sugar tests?

To stop eating ‘garbage’ in the name of food?

To quickly end always having to take the same routine, bitter and large amount of drugs every morning and night


To stop worrying about the fact that you and death already have a date and that no matter what you do, a little mistake can end your life and deny you the beauty of being with the ‘very’ people you love the most.

Can I say something to you please?

You are just one big liar and I don’t care if you are angry.

What you truly desire is

To get back to being a ‘normal’ human being

A normal human being that wakes up in the morning and rushes down to the kitchen, grabs anything that reaches their mouth and throws it in there

Without worrying whether it has sugar or not

A human being that truly wants to use viagra or tramadol to fūüçkk the living daylight out of their partner satisfactorily (am not God so I don’t judge)

A regular person that knows that apart from ‘Nigeria’  and maybe ‘Boko Haram’, they can live longer without worrying about dying out of mistake

A normal human being that does not want their children, family and friends to continue

Wasting money, worrying about them and constantly shedding hidden tears at their back

That’s what you secretly desire.

To live again.

To become that lively, sweet, fun and loving person you were before the day they told

The thing is

People may not know this, but between you and I, I know you constantly feel depressed and that you fake your smiles most of the time you are with people

Or am I lying?


The truth is this

Being a diabetic is not the end of life, people have lived through it, even gone to achieve what they truly desired, but, then it sucks.

I mean

Where’s the fun in knowing your life is no longer in your hands?

What’s the joy in knowing that you do things like a regular person, you can’t eat like a regular person and of course, you have to be extremely careful with life –

as what you do each day determines if you will see the weekend

But listen.

I am very proud of you.

Not for the fact that you have allowed your doctor to trick you into believing that the only way to live as a diabetic is to manage your condition


No, I am only proud of you because

You are a fighter.

Because, you have made your enemies wonder why you are still alive.

Because you have continued to defy death and live – everyday at a time.

I am proud of you.

But then

I think it’s time you come to know the truth about yourself and your condition.

It may be bitter to hear, but don’t worry, my intention is to give you your life back without asking you to sell a land.

I will try my best to explain this in the very words you will understand (but if I end up confusing you, then you’ll need to book a session with me and it’s not cheap)

But first

How did you feel the very day your doctor told you had diabetes

In shock right?

Especially after they told you that your life will never remain the same

That you need to be at the hospital every week and month and that you needed to keep buying medication worth over N100,000 per month

That’s normal.

They needed you to be in shock – it is very good for business.

Do you know why?

Doctors, pharmaceutical companies and even your clueless government all need you to be in fear – so that they can make billions every year.

Do the maths yourself.

But then.

there is something you need to know.

And I will tell you in a moment.

But first, I want you to know…

that your diabetic process can be halted faster with the restoration of normal carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

Let me explain.

The diagnostic criteria for a diabetic, as stated by the World Health Organization (WHO), is a blood sugar (glucose) level of 6.5 percent

…and higher.

What this means is,

…that if you are able to get your blood sugar level below 6.5 percent or 42 mmol/mol over a specific and discernible period of time…

while not taking any medication, it can be said you have reverse your diabetes

What you don’t know is this,

The diabetic medications that lower your blood sugar level you consume…

only treat the symptoms and not – the cause

…more like wishing to cure malaria with typhoid drugs.


How can you exactly…even with a high blood sugar level reverse your diabetic condition without…unnecessary dieting and drugs

First, you need to know that diabetes is a problem of FAT.

Hold on, I know what you are thinking.

It is not just physical FAT as people with a body mass less than 18.5 percent can also suffer from it.

…this new understanding of FAT focuses on FAT in the liver.

The thing is,

When there is too much liver fat due to excess calories or your inability to store fat around important organs.

the liver responds poorly to insulin by producing too much sugar

However, the problem does not stop there.

As too much liver Fat passes unto the pancreas, it causes the insulin-producing cells to fail.

…thereby leading it to produce excess sugar in the blood and resulting to:

Increased hunger

Increased thirst

Weight loss

Frequent urination

Erectile dysfunction and impotence

Sores that don’t heal

Decreased sex drive

...urinary tract infection...plus more.

Do you see the reason now?

their plan for you is to remain the same till it eventually takes your life prematurely and permanently

However there is a simple solution to getting your life back completely.

So far I have used this very simple solution for over 10 years to help people just like you reverse their blood sugar level and live life like ‘regular’ people again.

This simple solution is responsible for this:

“I was not convinced at first, because I read a review where someone said it takes longer for some people to see results, but the first day I took was different.

I noticed real strength, stamina and I lasted for up to 15 minutes which was like the highest I’ve ever gone in my life, (she was even surprised)and these changes have continued to increase everyday since I got my second pack”.

- Mr. Charlse .0. Timipre - 08057391***

“The only complaint I have with this product is that it makes me desire sex even in the office these days. My wife Adeola is already complaining that I will soon embarrass her one day with what we’re doing in the office these days”.


- Egbon ‘Oloye’ Tunde Akinwatimi - 0817041****

This simple solution works especially for those that have been declared dead cases by the same hospital and government that steals from them.

This simple solution is my completely safe and highly effective 2-in-1 Diabetes Crusher.

My product is called:

The Ultimate Sugar Crusher

…and it quickly helps you get RID of the excess sugar in your ENTIRE system while REGULATING and AIDING the production of INSULIN to match what the BODY NEEDS to function effectively.

…you will start seeing results as early as 5 days of usage, but the regular intake of this product for up to a month will:

⭕ Prevent the formation of NEW liver fats to weaken your healing process

⭕ Increase your appetite for normal food and sex

⭕ Reverse your diabetic status with medical proofs after 2 weeks or less

⭕ Help you save money by ending regular doctor visits, buying expensive routine drugs, and food.


You’ll finally end the struggle you have with worrying what you might do or not do that will trigger the terminal consequences.

You’ll have your life back and shame those who thought it is your end.

You’ll enjoy your life till its His time for you to return home

…by which time you would have enjoyed the fruits of your labor here.

With my Ultimate Sugar Crusher, you do not have to follow a special diet or fast.

You don’t have to be near a doctor or pierce your skin for any reason.

…my system is simple and easy to use.

Just a tablespoon of the Ultimate Sugar Crusher taken twice a day…is all it takes..to reverse your diabetic status.

Here’s what you get when you order The Ultimate Sugar Crusher:

A complete, easy to use 30-Day formula for quick Internal Diabetes Reversal.

The system includes a 2-in-1 specially formulated component that works in harmony with your body to achieve rapid results.

1. Ultimate Internal Reversal Aloe Vera Gel (value = N15,000) – The Best specie and a special blend from the Aloe Family called the “Aloe Barbadensis Miller” naturally designed to loosen and remove deeply impacted toxic fatty buildup in the liver. Professionally formulated to soothe and protect the liver while cleansing, Ultimate Internal Diabetes Removal Fiber is safe and gentle for everyday use.

2. Forever Nature Min (value = N10,000) – A multi-mineral supplement  that works with your body’s chemistry to naturally kill and expel dangerous intestinal worms, their eggs, and other parasites out of your body each morning while aiding the body to normalize insulin production. You already know that multivitamins keep your body fueled with essential nutrients. But did you know multi-minerals are just as important? Minerals play a vital role in everything from proper hydration to muscle health and even brain function. Yet the human body does not replace its own lost minerals, so deficiencies need to be addressed with food or supplementation.

Nature Min is an advanced, multi-mineral formula using new bio-available forms of minerals for maximum absorption. It provides minerals and trace minerals in a perfectly balanced ratio for maximum efficiency. Using a mineral base of natural seabed deposits, Nature-Min provides most of the key minerals found in the human body.

It contains Minerals Like;

1. Manganese – A deficiency of manganese is common amongst diabetics, and in some circles it is thought to actually be a part of the cause of diabetes. Manganese could be a key co-factor in the way enzymes within the body handle glucose metabolism.

2. Magnesium – Magnesium tends to decline in people with diabetes, and may fall to dangerously low levels amongst those suffering from severe diabetic retinopathy. Magnesium deficiency has been shown to directly influence the blood sugar control of type 2 diabetics.

3. Vanadium – Vanadium supplements may lead to a slight increase in sensitivity to insulin, and may therefore allow diabetic patients to decrease the amount of insulin that they need to keep their blood sugar levels under control. Studies on both animals and humans have proved links between vanadium levels and normal blood glucose.

4. Zinc – The presence of a zinc deficiency in the body has also been suggested to contribute to the development of diabetes in some humans.

Zinc itself may be a crucial element in insulin metabolism. Zinc is well-known as a powerful guardian against viral infections, and may also act to protect beta cells from destruction. Type 1 diabetics are often zinc deficient, and supplements have been shown to lower blood sugar levels in some type 1 cases.

Forever Nature-Min® is an excellent way to ensure that your body is getting the minerals and trace minerals it needs to meet the demands of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Forever Nature-Min®
☻ Contains trace minerals from natural sea bed deposit
☻ Perfect blend of minerals in each tablet
☻ Minerals play many roles in the human body, from regulating fluid balance to activating genes and hormones

If you order today, you will also get:

1. forever fields of green
(value = N9,500)

A special blend of carefully selected power plants that boost your sexual vibes and rekindles your power for a better fuck…trust me…

  • It promotes proper blood circulation.
  • It helps in digestive problems such as ulcer, constipation, loss of appetite.
  • Good for diabetic patients. It contains chromium, an important element that enhances the ability of the body to utilize insulin.
  • It also contains cayenne pepper that helps to relieve pain associated with peripheral neuropathy
  • It supports bones and muscle health
  • Helps in keeping both the immune system and Gut naturally healthy
  • It prevents cancerous and autoimmune disease
  • It promotes wound healing, hair and teeth growth
  • It provides energy and stamina
  • Works by reducing blood cholesterol levels and blood glucose response to food
  • It decreases stress, soreness and burning sensations in the body
  • Works to support cardiovascular health especially people suffering from stroke, Anemia and liver diseases
  • It eliminates wrinkles and acnes
  • It is also an anti-oxidant and adaptogen, therefore helps to reduce the risk of heart attack by 50%

2. FOREver B12 PLUS
(value = N8,750)

Vitamin B12 may have a strong role to play when treating diabetic neuropathy.

The presence of vitamin b 12 is necessary for the correct functioning of nerve cells, and therefore taking it as a supplement may help to reduce nerve damage. In extreme cases, the extra effect of intramuscular B12 may be necessary.

Helps with red blood cells formation and anemia prevention

3. forever absorbent c
(value = N8,730)

Type 1 diabetics generally have low vitamin C levels. By increasing the amount of vitamin c in the bloodstream, the amount of sorbitol may be lowered.

Sorbitol is a harmful sugar when it accumulates, and its presence may lead to increased risk of diabetic complications such as retinopathy, neuropathy and kidney damage. In the case of type 2 diabetics, vitamin c may play a role in improving glucose tolerance.

4. The Calorie Calculator and diet recipes

Benefits of a Calorie Calculator



When you keep a journal or track your meals on your smartphone, you make better choices. You become accountable to yourself, and you can track your progress better. Within the first couple days of tracking your meals and their calories, you will be shocked.

There is no more fooling yourself about how much you are or are not consuming when you write it down. Journaling and logging your food choices leads to making better choices. It is better to eat a healthy and filling salad than to waste your calories first thing in the morning on a donut in the coffee line.


Have you wondered how many calories you can actually eat? Here’s a hint: it’s not what everyone thinks. Your ideal calorie intake depends on a number of factors: activity level, age, weight, body type, and macronutrient percentages. Calculate your recommended calorie goal. Once you see how much you can actually consumer, you will begin to reassess what goes in and what should be left out. If you are counting calories, count them correctly for your needs. 


Calorie control is not so much about restricting your diet as it is about eating the right amount of good foods. It’s not easy to eat healthy all the time, but portion control is possible when good eating is not. Counting calories helps you eat the right amount of better foods.

Pay attention to serving sizes on food labels, carry a portion chart with you in your wallet or purse, and learn how to visualize what a healthy portion looks like. Healthy portions and calories are easier when you limit processed foods and take-out. Again, when you log your food and calories, you will be inspired to limit your portion sizes, and you will eat different foods on the menus at your favorite restaurants.


Most of the benefits lists come down to one key factor for success – visualizing. When you see, you really see it. You see your goals, you see your food, you see the calories, and you begin to consciously make better decisions. When your calorie intake is in your face, reality sets in. There is no running from it. If you are honest with yourself and your food journal, success will follow if you take the cues to make healthier decisions about your calories.


Yes, it’s free to count calories. No, you don’t need to sign up for an expensive weight-loss plan, you don’t need a 300-page book, and you don’t need a monthly subscription. You need an app, you need nutrition labels, and you need to count everything that goes in.


Finally, don’t ignore all of the calories you consume. You only cheat yourself. Every calorie counts when counting calories. Many people tend to leave out extra calories from the following:

  • Condiments and dressings
  • Coffee creamer
  • Dips
  • Dried fruits and nuts
  • Butter and spreads
  • Shredded and grated cheese
  • Whipped cream
  • Juice
  • Beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks

When you learn how to count your own calories, you won’t need to rely on expensive plans that promise big results when you can actually do it yourself. 

Nutrition is the first step to a wholesome life. When you are committed to your nutrition, you can be 100% dedicated to all other aspects of your best life – sleeping well, training, controlling stress and anxiety, and time management.

Again, you get to have a…

5. Call Whenever You Want Ticket

We know that left alone, it might be difficult for you to do everything on your own…

That’s why you have a hotline: ………….dedicated to you alone

Call whenever you want…we’ll answer and help you.


…You get to enjoy my

Extraordinary “Money-Back Guarantee”

I am so sure you will love the Ultimate Sugar Crusher, that’s why your money will be with me for up to 6 months.

…that way, you will have plenty of time to examine Ultimate Sugar Crusher and discover for yourself how wonderful it is.

If you are dissatisfied, you can return the unused portion to us within 30-days and have your FULL refund + you get to keep the other FREE items.

…no hard feelings and no stories.

Now compare for a minute what I am giving you to the amount of money you have spent already…

You see, for just a one-time investment of N37,000 all your deepest desires shall be granted you.


You’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about because the Risk is totally on me. And that’s because I am very certain that you’ll get results from the usage of the products.

Plus you are getting Products valued at N51,980 at a whooping discount of N37,000 if you Order Now.


You have 365 days a year to live. And I know you spend more than N100 a day on nonsense.

Just Imagine spending about N100 on your health daily for 365days in a year.

What I am asking you to do now is to spend just N102 on yourself everyday for 365 days.

What I want you to do is to know that with just N102 per day you can end your struggles with the angel of death.

N102 x 365 is just N37,000.


Is that what you can’t spend to live?

To end the emotional, financial and physical stress you put yourself and your family through

It’s all on you now to decide whether buying recharge is more important to you.

Is up to you.

But to you that have decided to go ahead with me

It’s easy to order.

All you have to do is click on the button below and follow the easy instructions.

Promo Price for - N37,000

One more thing,
You can’t find this unique product anywhere in the market

And you can order now or later.

The choice is entirely yours – I am not the one to tell you that you should live like a normal human being.

To your best life, my friend.

Dr. Gabriel Adeoluwa
Chief Health Consultant, Forever Ng. Ltd

PS. I know you want to live again and not worry about the troubles of dying by no mistake of yours.

…and you shouldn’t.

You can live healthier and longer. but

it depends on your decision NOW – it depends on clicking this Order Now button.

PSS. No one should be made to suffer because something that can be reserved.

You should not, that’s why I am your biggest Supporter.

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